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My "Jodoh" & I


Me: Jodoh, Jodoh.. When I can find my prince?

Jodoh: be patient dear, One day you will found it..

Me: But, I very excited to find, love and take care about my marriage partner (husband)..

Jodoh: Just wait..

Me: Insyallah.. But I over excited to find and fall in love with "his".. I don't want disappointed any more..

Jodoh: Why not, you just pray to Allah to fasten your marriage?

Me: Okay, but when?

Jodoh: Why you don't understand what I'm trying to say? errrr..

Me: ..................

*Moral of the story : I should pray to Allah to fasten my marriage with someone that have enough know about Islam and can guide me to the right way.. AMIN.. :D


Hani M. said...

dimana dia . jodoh sy !
(nak kawen. hahah)

eva said...

sabar yer.. amin amin hehehe

~ yoora ~ said...

terima kasih sume.. :D