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happy new year :)

first of all i want to wish Happy New Year to all my friend and person who know me..
in new year of course that all of you have aim in this year..
i'm also have my own aim for this year, which is:
  1. I want to be more success for this year
  2. I want to be more responsible person
  3. I want my family proud of me
  4. smile whenever have problems
  5. never do any work for the last minutes
  6. be stronger person
  7. try to more protect my "aurat" (slowly)
  8. be a good friends
  9. be a good muslim
  10. never cry for MEN!!!
  11. More love & respect to Allah, Prophet, mother, father, siblings and friends
  12. try to solve any problem with good method
  13. always say sorry for my mistakes

  14. That are some of my aim..
    I hope that all of you will wish my aim become true for this year..
    sincerely, SITI NUR FITRAH

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