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back to home town

today I want story about I'm going back to my home town..
This week are Chinese New Year, and I know that  all want to go back to their home..
and I feel that also..
but only me that didn't buy yet ticket to go back..
my friends say that all ticket to Johor are sold out..
I'm worried if I cannot back to Johor..
I really miss Johor & my family..
but one day before i going back,
i got to SP Bumi counter to ask that if have a ticket at night of tomorrow..
alhamdulillah, the man say that "yes, only one"
I really happy..
on that night (going back to johor)
I'm very rushing because I'm scared that the bus will be left me..
because I'm didn't found my bus..
But, thanks to Allah because His give me chance to found my bus..
and I'm surprised when I see my bus is double darker..
never in my life, go back to Johor with double darker bus..
very happy + scary in the bus..
my mom say that "Pray to Allah to save my journey"
I'm will mom..
now I'm at Johor and now are second day I'm at home sweet home..
thanks to Allah..


Hani M. said...

untunglh naik bas 2 tgkat. hahah.
(sy pn penah naik aito. takut + excited)

p/s : untunglah boleeey baliiik.

~ yoora ~ said...

hahahha.. xde untongnyew pun.. :D