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sorry blogwalker..

sorry again for blogwalker..
i had final exam for sem 3..
i can't to update my blog..
i really miss my blog..

urm, about final..
my paper at 19, 24, 25, 29/9/11 & 2/10/11..
have a paper that are difficult & also easy..
i think my last paper is easy..
but paper CSC134 difficult.. :(

urm, but it's already past..
dont have to think again..
just give it all to Allah & strive 4 a new..

now, i'm at JB..
my home sweet home that i really miss it damn much..
ouh my family..
i love u so much..


Hani Musfirah Mohd Fauzi said...

hohoho. stju!
CSC payah kot. hahah.
tapi, redha je la kan?
Eppy holiday.

pelangi malam said...

setuju kn? hahahha.. ok2, thanks hani.. hani jgk.. happy holiday..