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sad news..

i'm so sad because this aid not so besh to me..first time aid not so long at home..not like before this,,so very i know feeling when far away from family..i'm not so pamper with my family but this first i not with my bored at here..i actually cannot study at here because the enviroment are not suitable for me..but i have to..u know at here twice i'm tension..i want study at real big and a lot place that can't give a tension,,i aslo tension with my study,,why i always not understand what i'm study??all..adoii~ what can i do?somebody can help me?i know ur answer,not right because only myself can help right..but i can't..huhu..plz help me,,i need someone that can angry with me like my mom..and i want someone that can "wake up" me from this dreaming,,plz..i need ur help..

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